Native Brazilian with a background in Pharmacy-Biochemistry. I had worked 10+ years in Laboratory settings at hospitals, clinics, chemistry research and multinational pharmaceutical industry back in Brazil. When I moved to the USA, I served 2 years in a medical clinic located in NYC. Due to family reasons, I moved to San Diego, California where I’m currently living. I always found myself discontent with the misuse and/or overuse of allopathic medications, even knowing has its own place of importance. Later on, I came across with  Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine and, most of all, Aromamedicine/ Essential oils therapy aka Aromatherapy. Since then, I started to search and research about the pharmacology of these aromatic compounds to understand the relationship between essential oils and the body. It’s fascinating how essential oils behave both physical and emotional. 

Essential oils are very small volatile organic compounds found in aromatic plants which It can be extracted through a chemical process such as steam distillation and/or cold press, using roots, woods, skin peels, seeds, flowers, leaves, resin, needles. 
They hold different properties such as antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, immune system booster, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic properties. They can be used in many ways such as inhalation, orally, suppositories, massage oil, shower, so forth. Never use essential oil internally and/or undiluted without a professional advice. Even though, essential oils are extracted from botanical sources doesn't mean they can't do harm. 

Not all essential oils are created equal which it makes them to be so unique. Aroma, quality, and purity of an essential oil depending on geography, the harvest of the plants, weather conditions, how long the essential oils were distilled, soil and water quality. That's why it's impossible to find exactly the same aroma over and over plus high quality.  An adulterated essential oil is when it mixed with alcohol, fatty oil to extend it. Most of my essential oils come from Europe, especially from high altitudes, clean soil, and water. Never used pesticides or any other chemical. Pay attention that purity is not the same as quality. That means an essential oil can be pure with low quality which affects the desirable effect physiologically. 
Why Synergy blend instead of a single essential oil? When two or more essential oils with similar properties are combined it'll potentialize the target effect. 

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Sandra Regina
Holistic certified Aromatherapist with the foundation in Ayurveda and Yin/Yang Principals, California, USA
Professional Member of NAHA- National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, USA
Pharmacist-Biochemist, B.S, licensed ( Brazil only) Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.